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This site is both informative alswel he gives an overview of all products in the assortment are entered. Also these products are offered through Amazon Pro-Life Foundation, the proceeds will therefore primarily be used for disadvantaged children in Brazil.

On the site of http://www.amazonprolife.nl/  you'll find all the activities the foundation has in mind and the actual facilities that have already been realized. Donors are always welcome, without them this we can't calibrate this great initiative.

Capsules,  De products are 100% natural
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note: The supplements are 100% natural and can therefore be seen as a homeopathic medicine. Expect by use not direct result, when regular use of supplements, you will after a few weeks to several months, depending on your symptoms begin to feel improvement. We advise you to keep taking the supplements, not interim stop. It is ultimately a supplement to your food.
On the bottle is the recommended dose, usually the best method to start with 6 capsules before breakfast on an empty stomach but it is also possible after the breakfast, after about one week the dose you build it less 4 or 3 capsules, depending on your feelings.

last change: Novembre, 2016

Temporary our products from the webshop are not be able to order, because we are waiting for new stock. The production in Brazil has moved and that gives delay in delivery. You can post by email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it for questions, we then can keep you informed when the product is available again. We apologize for this inconvenience

You can use the products of the shop (click on products) and can order it now with PayPal (also by creditcard) payment, if you going to pay, you come to the screen of PayPal if you don't have an account you can create it, only then of course there is no balance on your account. You can do that on one way of PayPal's possibillity's or you can realize it directly to the account of the foundation.

If you want to make a donation for the Amazon Pro-life Foundation you can do that by using the accountnumber below of the Amazon Pro-Life Foundation, the Foundation is affiliated with the MyPOS Bank.
If you do the payment outside The Netherlands, then you also need the IBAN code to use;

IBAN: MT15 STBA 1911 6000 2000 5035 0474 339


 You can pay by

with VISA en MASTERCARD it is
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The foundation provides the products at the rate 0%

shipping for Holland: 

You only pay the postage of € 6.75


Newsflash 1
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In maart 2008 is ons assortiment uitgebreid met NONI ne SILYBUM, twee supplementen met bijzondere krachten, kijk op de link naar de eigenschappen.
Newsflash 2
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In februari 2008 zijn onze producten voor het eerst naar Nederland gekomen, al snel werd bekend dat onze producten belangrijk zijn ter aanvulling van ons dagelijks voedsel wat vaak niet voldoende stoffen voor ons verzorgd.
Buiten de vruchtpulp als supplementen zijn vele middelen bijzonder sterk in bepaalde geneeskrachtige werkingen. Kijk op de diverse links welke supplementen voor u in aanmerking komen.

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